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Scott Weidman, CFP®

Scott Weidman, CFP®

   With over 20 years of financial planning experience, I've seen clients Retire, Pass Away and even Divorce. The best laid plans can change overnight. So being prepared for the uncertainties in life is what we help YOU plan for. 

     The trust and confidence that I've had the pleasure of earning from my clients is never taken for granted. Thank you to all that have continued to support the efforts of Savannah Court Financial Advisors, Inc. and thank you to all that will become new clients very soon!

Jennifer Davenport, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Davenport, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer joined Savannah Court Financial Advisors in March, 2021. She has experience working for Suntrust as a Teller, US Bank in Tennessee as a Branch Manager as well as Assistant Manager and Branch Operations Manager with Fairwinds Credit Union. Jennifer’s background in banking and overall customer service, brings a level of experience and competency in her administrative role.

Scott C. Weidman, CFP®


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If you've taken the time to read about us, I would like to sincerely thank you. Our story may be a little different than you would have expected. My professional career began in May, 2000 shortly after Y2K and a year before 9/11. I...

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