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Scott C. Weidman, CFP®

Scott C. Weidman, CFP®


   If you've taken the time to read about us, I would like to sincerely thank you. Our story may be a little different than you would have expected. My professional career began in May, 2000 shortly after Y2K and a year before 9/11. Right in the middle of all that chaos. I worked for Metlife as a financial services representative with no experience in financial services. After several years of learning, struggling and building a business, with the corporate support of Metlife, I had enrolled in the executive CFP® program through the University of Central Florida. With a brand new baby at home and trying to juggle both work and studies, I had successfully completed the CFP® program. I always knew that I wanted to serve my clients in an unbiased and fiduciary way, so my wife and I bought an old, historic home in Daytona's downtown community redevelopment area, knowing we would eventually start an independent financial planning practice there.

   By 2009, with the depths of the Great Recession unfolding and the housing market in complete shambles, I took an enormous risk and left Metlife to start Savannah Court Financial Advisors named after our daughter, Savannah. It was a pretty uncertain time, but fortunately most of my clients had followed me, and I am so thankful to them for believing in my vision. The plan for the future is to convert part of my home into offices and grow the practice with other like minded team mem bers. We welcome the opportunity to share our vision and welcome you to Savannah Court, not only as a client, but also as a Guest!


Scott Weidman, CFP®

President Savannah Court Financial Advisors, Inc.