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FRS Tip of the Month

December 02, 2022

          If Christmas sneaks up on you unexpectedly, like it does so for so many people and you find yourself racking up your credit cards paying for gifts, consider setting up a Christmas Club Account. I remember the days that my Dad would get his paycheck and split up cash into envelopes to pay for everything from the upcoming mortgage payment, utility bills and even a Christmas Club Account. 

          These days, sliding cash into an envelope is pretty antiquated. However, the concept makes a lot of sense. A great option is to set up an online bank account (check out Capital One) and have money swept out of your normal checking account on a bi-weekly basis, after you get your paycheck. Start with something small, like $50. By the time next Christmas rolls around, you will have $1,300 for presents! Small changes like this, will absolutely help you get better control over your cash flow when you need it the most. 

          For more FRS Tips and Strategies, check out one of our upcoming workshops at or give us a call. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!